Average rental prices for housing in Switzerland

What price can you expect for your rental in Switzerland ? Are there a lot of differences between the main cities ? 

How are the prices fixed in Switzerland ?

In Switzerland, the owner of a flat or a house can fix the price of the rent without constraints, with the exception of some specific housings for which the rent is fixed or controlled by the Cantons. Fortunately for the tenants, if the rent prices are dependent on the market, the owner cannot revise the rent as he wants during the lease term, nor in between two tenants.

In 2008, the Ordinance for establishing the determining average mortgage rate for the setting of rents was adopted by the Confederation (221.213.111). The average mortgage rate is determined every quarter by the Confederation, and the rents are supposed to evolve following the evolution of this index. However, do not expect your rent to go up or down every quarter, as the measure is generally not applied by the tenants.

A measure that is in place in some canton that helps to limit the increase of the rent between tenants is the fact that onto a new lease, the owner is legally obliged to mention the previous rent. This can help you identify any unexpected raise on the rent (taking into consideration that you might not have the possibility to modify it, due to the tense housing market in most of the main cities).

Figures on average

In Switzerland the average price for a flat is 1’319 CHF in average, based on the latest study performed by the Federal Office for Statistics in 2019, based on 2015-2017 figures.


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